CLIPSO International Academy (AAC) offers academy classes that are all formatted to respond to the unique learning styles of each participant.

Information is delivered in a way that enhances the experience for the individual by answering the how?  the why? and the what if? of technical and artistic education.

If you are looking to take the next leap and to keep yourself inspired, the following courses are essential.

Hair Styling

Aspiring hair stylists need to learn cutting-edge techniques taught at top hair styling schools all over the world. Find out more about our hair styling programs. Becoming a professional hair designer goes beyond shampooing, cutting, coloring, and styling. You’ll also have to learn to advise clients on hair care, straightening and curling, give scalp treatments, and even clean and style wigs and hairpieces. In other words, there’s much to learn!  Click for more info>>



A beauty therapist provides skin and body care treatments such as facials,  massage, waxing and hair removal, nail treatments, body wraps, make-up artistry and other forms of spa and body treatments. With beauty treatments,  you can  give someone a totally new identity, a new ‘look’ and even help someone to morph into a whole new persona. Our experiences in these areas have given us great pleasure, with exciting and rewarding challenges in our profession, working with all areas of beauty and with people from all segments of the creative world. Click for more info>>



The wellness field is emerging through a coalescence of sectors such as the spa and fitness industries, complementary healthcare, and health promotion. Work opportunities are evident through the international demand for a wellness-oriented program that will provide quality graduates who can offer wellness teaching, coaching, advice and support in a range of clinical, corporate and community settings. Click for more info>>