In Malaysia, skills training is within and part of the country’s vocational education and training system. It made its earliest appearance in the form of traditional handicraft training almost 120 years ago, and craft and trade skills training about a century ago.

It was only in more recent decades that skills training have become an increasingly visible and separate component within the Malaysian education and training system, instead of merely being regarded as part of its vocational education and training component.

Over the years, the development of occupational skills standards in Malaysia experienced many more changes until it reached a major milestone with the enactment of the National Skills Development Act 2006 [Act 652] on June 29, 2006. Under the new Act 652, NOSS development is covered by the country’s legislative framework for the first time ever.

Even more significantly, the Act also marks the first time in its history, that a national legislation has been enacted directly for skills training and development in Malaysia.